Snax Snack Bar - Apache Sky Casino

Hungry happens. So, when you come down with a case of the munchies, come on over to SNAX. Located on the perimeter of the Apache Sky Casino floor, SNAX has a little something for everyone. Enjoy tasty big-bite breakfast sandwiches or delightfully-delicious dinner bowls. Pop the top off an energy drink or sip a soda. Plus, we have an assortment of candies, chips and cookies. Open 24 hours a day, we’re doing our small part to spread the love and yumminess in Winkelman, AZ (Near Tucson).

Daily Specials:

Sky Food Truck Specials
• Tuesdays:
Chicken or Beef Tacos. (Ground Beef coming soon)
• Wednesdays:
Chili Dog and Chili Fries.
• Fridays: Fry Bread.
• Sundays:
Mexican Plate Day: Gorditas • Carne Asada • Chilaquiles • Enchiladas • Taco Plates • Green Chili • Chicken or Beef Fajitas • Served with Rice, Beans & Tortilla.
• Fridays:
Fry Bread.
• Every Day:
Club Sandwich with Fries • Hot Subs with Chips • Spicy Burger • Western Burger
• Other Days: Red Chilli Burros • Burros Enchilada-Style • Chicken Tostadas • Spaghetti
• Other Plates (When Available):
Steak • Meatloaf • Chicken Fried Steak • All served with mashed potatoes, Gravy, Veggies or Salad, and Garlic Toast. 

SNAX “Snack Bar”
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday
Wednesday: Chili Dog Wednesday
Friday: Frybread Fryday (Indian Frybread with beans, lettuces, tomatoes and extras.)
Saturday & Sunday: Chef’s Choice

Days & Hours:

SNAX “Snack Bar”
Sunday & Saturday, 8 AM–12 AM

“Sky Diner” Food Truck (Temporary Hours)
Monday–Saturday, 8 AM–8 PM
Sunday, 11 AM–7 PM

Hours are subject to change without notice.


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